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Stories From Hamilton's Mountain

Local history, for most people, is discovering the stories that make their community come to life. We want to share a few of the stories of Hamilton's Mountain. Our purpose is not to provide a history of "the Mountain" but to highlight people and events that have made this place what it is today. So listen to some of the stories and let them deepen your appreciation for this fascinating community in which we live.

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Does anyone have recollections of The War Amputations Club located at 456 Mountain Park Drive, that functioned in the years after WWII? It was described as being on a large property with tennis courts, basketball courts, and a large swimming pool. It was also described as being in the area between the Mountain Brow and Concession Street near East 32nd. Street. It is reported as still being in operation in the period of 1956-1958. An inquiry has been received about this property and we would be delighted to be able to respond with the memories or photographs that others may have of that location, Responses may be directed to:

Gary Kaulback's Heritage Video Series is now Complete
Gary Kaulback's valuable video series on Hamilton's heritage began with "On the Mountain", was expanded with "On the Bay" and concluded with "On the Town" this DVD project is now complete. To view scenes from each of these videos and to find out where they may be purchased click on Gary Kaulback's Video Series.

Photos of Concession Street

We still hope to locate more unpublished photos of Concession Street. The ones we are looking for may even be in your family photo album right now. For more details see ...

Natural Gas on Hamilton Mountain

Did you know that there are natural gas wells in our area. In fact, did you know that the first discovery of natural gas in Upper Canada was probably right here in Hamilton? For more details see ...

A new "Mountain Meeting Place"

The Millionaire Drive Inn, formerly at Upper James and Mohawk.Throughout the unfolding history of the Mountain community there have always been community meeting places. Around 1900 it was perhaps the Mountain View Hotel or maybe Daniel Cotter's Hotel (on the corner of Concession and Upper Wentworth). For many, between 1961 and 1976, it was the Millionaire Drive Inn at Upper James and Mohawk. After that the Mountain Plaza Mall was an unofficial community meeting place. But those places are all gone and current alternative choices are not so obvious. Even the ubiquitous Tim Horton's outlets for which our city is famous are now often a place to drive-through rather than a place to meet. So, for those who love the Mountain, and there are many of you, we thought that we should create a meeting place here on the Internet. We don't profess any special knowledge or expertise. We simply wish to represent the views of those who love life on Hamilton Mountain and share some of the reasons for their enthusiasm. We hope that this site will provoke some nostalgic memories. So, pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and linger awhile. We hope that you will find something to enjoy.

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The banner graphic on this page is a view of the escarpment in Hamilton taken from the lower city. Photo credit: Gary Kaulback.